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About JR Reflexology Auckland


JONAS SQUIRE-GIBBONS      Qualified Therapist 


Naturopathic College NZ 

Jonas was born and bred on Auckland’s North Shore where he lives and practices REFLEXOLOGY. He is a down to earth Kiwi bloke with an outgoing personality and a great sense of humour. 

Jonas specializes in -  Reflexology -  Joint Mobilization - Massage -  of the lower limbs.

Jonas follows the Chinese philosophy that the entire body is linked through meridian pathways and reflex points located through the feet.

The clinic follows a professional code of  Practice and Ethics and all consultations are confidential.              

Since qualifying in 2005 through the Naturopathic College NZ Jonas has continued up grading his education with many post graduate Reflexology - Massage - Joint Mobilization  - courses, workshops, seminars, New Zealand and Australian conferences.

Jonas is a very experienced,  REFLEXOLOGIST  -  Natural Health Practitioner.

Jonas work helps his clients to lead a more active life.   Body Therapy is intergrated into his own personal health fitness programme.

JR Reflexology - Joint Mobilization -  Massage -  for Men Women of all ages.

Our base and our touch to reality is through our feet and hands - it is vital they are kept mobilized to be able to perform and move freely.

Jonas tells his clients to “listen to your feet” they tell many Stories. 

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